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When it comes to live/work mortgages, by far the most important thing is working with lenders who know the market. Livework World hears from the experts

‘Even in the gloomiest days of the real estate market last year I was still getting a very healthy flow of phone calls from people interested in live/work units,' says vice president and loan officer at Golf Savings Bank, Matt Johnson. ‘Because the consolidation of live and work is so valuable, cost-efficient and attractive a lifestyle - in the darkest days of the economy people were finding that even more attractive.'

Live/work insurance

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You'll need to insure your equipment, your products and the materials used to make them, any vehicles you use for your business and, of course, liability insurance is a pretty good idea. You might also want to consider business interruption coverage to protect you if you're temporarily unable to work.

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We'd love to hear your stories about financing your live/work real estate.

How easy was it to get a mortgage? What type of insurance did you choose? Were grants available to you? What tips could you give anyone thinking of buying/leasing live/work real estate?

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