Thomas Dolan

Thomas Dolan

Thomas Dolan Architecture (TDA) has been designing and building live/work spaces, projects and neighborhoods since the mid 1980s. Arguably America's premier design experts in the field, TDA and The Live/work Institute have taken the lead in coining (and trademarking) a common set of terms to define live/work. Tom and his company have created terms that help to define live/work, enabling professionals and the public to understand different types or zero commute housing.

Jeff Zbar

Jeff Zbar is – in no particular order – a media columnist, a blogger, essayist and chronicler on entrepreneurship, telework, home officing and work / life balance, an author (four home-office books to date), a widely-cited small business expert, speaker and television personality and technophile, the married father of three grade-school kids, and a garage band drummer / singer. In 1989 at the age of 24, he ditched his day job to begin working from and writing about his home office. He continues so to this day. Learn more at and

Deborah Dietsch

Deborah Dietsch

Deborah Dietsch is a journalist with more than 25 years of experience covering architecture, art and design. She is the author of Live/Work: Working at Home, Living at Work, an inspirational book featuring 30 live/work environments from cities and towns across the US. Trained as an architect, she has served on design review boards and architect selection panels for government agencies and private building owners.

Chris Velasco

Chris Velasco is President and Executive Director of PLACE® (Projects Linking Art, Community & Environment), a leading nonprofit developer working in the USA and the UK to create alternative-energy live/work communities.  PLACE is hired by cities, municipal entities, and other large institutions to create green communities for the public good. Chris and his team of experts help to develop new live/work communities that inspire and lift neighborhoods out of poverty while generating economic returns, renewable energy and green-collar jobs.

Tim Dwelly

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Tim Dwelly is one of Europe's top experts on live/work. He advises the UK Government and many regional and local agencies on how to create genuine live/work communities and is a leading commentator on the low carbon benefits of home-based enterprise. He is also live/work adviser to Prince Charles' Duchy of Cornwall.

Matt Muhsam

Matt Muhsam is the Founder of GreenDwellingSeattle, a green building and greater green community marketing and resource organization in the US.  He works closely with green builders, community and non-profit groups, energy efficiency experts and others to put sustainable building practices into a relatable context and to promote a more thoughtful approach to design and development.