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Tim Dwelly is one of Europe's top experts on live/work. He advises the UK Government and many regional and local agencies on how to create genuine live/work communities and is a leading commentator on the low carbon benefits of home-based enterprise. He is also live/work adviser to Prince Charles' Duchy of Cornwall.

Since 2003 Tim has been director of the Live Work Network, Europe's leading knowledge sharing service and consultancy on live/work. The Network also manages www.liveworkhomes.co.uk, the UK property finder website.

Tim has been instrumental in creating links between live/work specialists in the USA and UK and has visited a number of leading US live/work developments. He believes in sharing knowledge of what works best and promoting live/work space as a vital part of a modern low carbon economy.

He is a live/worker and is based in Penzance, Cornwall, England.

Contact Tim for expert advise on UK live/work policy, planning, design and economic impact.