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If you are looking for (or already have) your own live/work space, this website is designed just for you. We value your views and would like to hear any suggestions you may have on news we can cover.


If you want to sell or lease your live/work realty to people looking for a property that combines workspace and home, you have come to the right place! See advertize. Why not contact us now to see how we can help you?


Live/Work World Senior Team

Tim Dwelly, President

Tim has been at the forefront of the European live/work surge. His global experience defines him as a leading authority on the low carbon benefits of live/work. Read profile.

Liz Wakeham-Jones, Vice President

Liz Wakeham-Jones heads Live/Work World's Marketing Division. Her true passion is connecting wannabe live/workers with the right property.

Janet Ross, Finance Director
Janet oversees the finance of our business with exceptional precision and skill. Her strategic planning and ability to look 'outside the box' helps place us as the market leader in our field.

David Gilliver, Editor-in-Chief
David is a talented property journalist with many years' experience reporting live/work news. He manages the content of this site from many contributors and experts within the live/work arena.

More information

Live/Work World is an online global venture. To reduce our carbon footprint, as many of our staff as possible are live/workers themselves. There is no company office. Live/Work World is managed by the UK-based Live Work Network, with the assistance of experts in the USA.

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