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With more and more people working at home to save time, money and even help save the planet, it's not surprising that the live/work real estate market is growing fast across the USA.

But as live/work is such a unique real estate product, the risk is that by using only standard realtor websites and marketing, your live/work units won't get noticed by people who are looking for one.

Marketing your live/work real estate here will help you reach your target market fast.

We offer a wide range of advertizing packages from a classic listing page through to an exclusive web package listing featuring your own website domain name - great for your local promotions.

Classic listing page - Free

The classic listing is free of charge for you to add your own live/work properties to the site.

*If you'd like the Live/Work World team to post your listing on your behalf, a small admin fee will apply.

Enhanced listings and web packages - price upon application

Contact us to find out how we can help you advertize your real estate direct to America's live/workers.

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Advertize your product/service

Live/workers don't just need a place to live and work. They need products and services that help them to live/work successfully.

So Live/Work World does not just promote live/work property. We promote the whole live/work lifestyle. If you offer a product or service that live/workers may want to know about, we can help you advertize direct to the live/work world.

Our website is exclusively targeted at live/workers - a fast-growing group of confident entrepreneurs. Fact: In 2000, the US census found nearly 4.2 million people mainly working at home, up 23.5% in ten years. This market is likely to grow and grow as technology improves, the low carbon economy becomes a reality and people become increasingy resistant to commuting.

Want to reach America's large and growing band of home business pioneers?

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