Delaware Addition – Santa Cruz LEED ND certified live/work community

Delaware Addition is Santa Cruz's first LEED Certified Neighborhood Development and one of the first 25 such developments in the United States. This sustainable community will create the core of a vibrant Westside industrial district. Delaware Addition provides entrepreneurs and small businesses with the opportunity to live and work in one, highly desirable location adjacent to traditional residential neighborhoods, transit, shopping, recreational areas, and beaches.

The project incorporates pedestrian and bike-friendly avenues, plazas, gardens and about 10% of the property will be allocated to the type of retail that lets residents and business owners avoid starting their cars: cafés and restaurants, a post office, dry cleaners, and other amenities. Around the corner on Swift Street are the West Side's newest groceries, bakeries, restaurants, wine bars and brewpubs, and downtown Santa Cruz is a short drive, bike or bus ride away.

All major utility and underground site improvements have been completed and building pads are ready for construction. Live / work units will be built to suit and all entitlements have been obtained including a 15 year development agreement enabling building permits to be pulled at any time.


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2,000 square feet to 2,600 square feet live/work condominiums and 1,400 square foot live/work townhomes. Live/Work condominiums can be combined to increase square footage to 4,000 square feet or more as needed.
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2120 Delaware Avenue
Santa Cruz, CA
United States
36° 57' 19.8252" N, 122° 2' 59.2764" W


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Buyers have multiple purchase options from purchasing a cold shell unit without completion of interior improvements to a ‘turn-key’, complete build-out. Please call for pricing details.

The Delaware Addition is located in Santa Cruz, a town situated on the pristine coast of Northern California. Santa Cruz has been rated in the top 10 for: best place to live, best place to visit, surfing, downtowns, triathalon training, research in genetics, marine sciences, astronomy, and best place to be young, single, and rich.

Santa Cruz's seaside locale, Mediterranean climate, majestic redwoods, miles of bike trails, world class surfing and cycling, and its vibrant arts and music scene are all part of what makes Santa Cruz such a highly sought after location for locals and visitors alike.

Within Santa Cruz, the Delaware Addition is located on Santa Cruz's West Side, which has undergone a renaissance in recent years and is now a vibrant hub with galleries, restaurants, bakeries, breweries, wine bars, farmers' markets and other community amenities.

The Delaware Addition project site consists of 20 acres of land zoned for industrial, commercial, and residential uses. There is convenient access to local freeways and thoroughfares, coastal bike trails, and the project provides residents with the opportunity to live and work within three blocks of the beach and in close proximity to Natural Bridges and Wilder Ranch State Parks.

Santa Cruz offers a budding design and technology community and an established and strengthening organic and healthy lifestyle industry. Santa Cruz offers unparalleled natural beauty, world class entertainment, and all the ingredients necessary for a vibrant and successful live / work community.


The 20-acre property is divided into 45 lots, each of which will be subdivided into combinations of industrial condominiums (with all ground floor space devoted to a commercial use) and residential work/live condos (with work or storefront space on the ground level, and living space above). Flexibility is built in to the tilt-up concrete and steel design. The look is simple and straightforward, yet clean and strong, with building materials reflecting their natural state. Each building will take advantage of natural lighting and ventilation through orientation, solar shading and trellises.

Other amenities include:

  • Accommodation of a variety of space needs from 600 square feet to 40,000 square feet
  • Innovative project design based on smart growth and green building principles
  • Ground floor work space with living space upstairs
  • Technology, research and development, light industrial, office, and retail uses incorporated into the design and community vision
  • Private, tree lined streets
  • Pedestrian and bike paths
  • Open-air courtyard
  • Proximity to education, work, food, and recreation